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The Reba

The Reba

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What better color then this rich red. We are obsessed with this color. This weft name was inspired by one of the most popular female country vocal artists of the late 20th century, Reba McEntire. 



  • 100% Pure Virgin Cuticle
  • Super double Drawn

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  • 18” wefts- 22 g per weft
  • 22” wefts- 25 g per weft
  • All wefts are 14" wide

Care Instructions

Our official Hair Care Guide for your Stella Rose Hair Co. products.

100 % Pure Cuticle Virgin Human Hair




-Brush your hair gently starting at the ends, working your way to root.

-Use a boar, metal, or nylon bristle brush.

-Avoid excessive pulling or aggressive brushing to maintain extension quality.

-Hold the top of your weft to ensure that you aren't yanking at your wefts. We like to section our hair off by rows to make sure no matting happens between the rows.


-Use a sulfate & paraben-free shampoo & conditioner that adds moisture. 

-Avoid any use of bond-building or protein enriched products on the extensions--this overproduction of protein on the hair can cause the hair to feel “straw like” eventually leading to breakage. Rinse with cold water to seal moisture into your cuticle. We DO NOT recommend using OLAPLEX or K-18 on your extensions.

-Avoid washing every day, supplement with dry shampoo as needed. The overuse of dry shampoo can cause extensions to get dry and brittle causing “shrinking” or breakage.

-Use a deep conditioner every 2 weeks to maintain quality.

-This goes along with using good products, but make sure you are scrubbing your scalp and getting in between each row. Soft water or shower head filters are recommended and do help with the longevity of your hair extensions.

Drying & Styling:  

-Gently dry to 80% with hair towel.

-Apply a leave-in conditioner when damp.

-Always use a heat protectant before blow drying and styling.

-Air dry hair is not suggested, use a hair dryer to ensure a smooth finish + NEVER go to bed with wet hair and extensions.

-Turn down your irons. If your irons are too hot, they can strip your hair of toners causing a discoloration & unfortunately... Brass. Try to keep your tool's temperature below 340. Your hair will thank you.

-Use a hair oil consistently. Our scalp only produces enough natural oils for our natural hair, so you will need to supplement with a hair serum to allow continued moisture for your extensions. Using a hair oil will also help extensions to not have “shrinking” or other known as breakage.

Coloring & Toning: 

-We cannot guarantee the quality of our extensions after any dye, toner, bleach, perm, keratin, or straightening treatment is performed. If you do wish to use such products, always try a test strip before proceeding to make sure you are satisfied with the results. The use of chemicals may damage the extensions. Always see a licensed professional for any services you wish to perform on your extensions.

Purple Shampoo:

-Do not put purple shampoo directly on the hair extensions. We recommend doing a purple bath/dip to control color and tone. We do not recommend washing your hair at-home with any purple shampoo products, always see your stylist for toning preferences. Your extensions will always take purple shampoo much more then your hair, always keep that in mind.


Invest in professional products that are ideal for extensions. While some products may be popular on TikTok, just remember not all professional grade products are good for maintaining the hair health of your extensions. Avoid products that contain silicone, dimethicone, sulfates, alot of protein, & anything Olaplex. These ingredients can either over proteinize, coat, or dry out the extensions.

With the drier winter months, hydrating and moisturizing products are essential. For oils, we suggest a clear colored oil. Tinted or colored oils can discolor lighter extensions.

We personally use & love Unite, Wella, Kevin Murphey, Kenra, & Redken for products, but know that there are many more products that are great. We just suggest always checking the ingredients of your products to ensure that your extensions are getting what they need.


-Sleep with hair in a low ponytail or braid to ensure hair doesn’t tangle

-Never go to bed with your hair wet, this will cause tangling and matting

-Sleep on a silk pillowcase


-Sunscreen WILL discolor your extensions. 

-Do everything you can to avoid your hair coming in contact with sunscreen. Putting sunscreen on your body and shoulders with your hair out of the way is NOT enough to keep sunscreen off of your extensions, as your hair may fall against your shoulder and even a simple rubbing can absorb into the hair and cause it to turn colors. 

-Spray sunscreen is highly discouraged when trying to avoid sunscreen product touching your extensions. Sunscreen will cause your extensions to turn an orange/peach color and there is nothing that can be done to get them back to their original color. Stella Rose Hair Co. is not responsible for refunds/replacements if your extensions become discolored, so please, take great care in using sunscreen. 

Always choose a sunscreen without the ingredient: avobenzone. 

-While we want you to protect your beautiful skin from the sun, most sunscreens contain chemicals that will discolor your hair extensions. We suggest using a mineral based sunscreen (we use & love bare republic's sunscreen).


-We do NOT recommend swimming with your extensions. 

-The risks include: hair discoloration (hair turning peach/orange), absorption of unknown elements in various bodies of water that can cause damage to hair & extensions, tangling & matting, and excessive dryness. If you do choose to swim with your hair extensions, please know that there will be no Stella Rose Hair Co. refunds or replacements in doing so. 

-At minimum, we recommend coating your hair with a leave-in conditioner to act as a barrier.

-Wash your hair asap after swimming.

-Be mindful of self-tanners, as they will discolor the extension hairUV Rays:

-Keep your hair pulled back & under a hat to protect your hair color & excess dryness.


-Installation of hair extensions must be performed by a Licensed & Certified Hair Extension Specialist/Stella Rose Certified Hair Extension Specialist. Your natural hair can be severely damaged if hair extensions are not installed properly. 

-Do not exceed the recommended time-frame for your maintenance appointment, this can cause matting to your hair and extensions (which is 6-9 weeks) depending on your install method or hair growth as well as causing damage to your hair.

-If you exceed the maintenance period and do not use proper care + proper products in your daily lifestyle, we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair extensions or your natural hair.

Customer Responsibility:

-It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the hair and its’ quality prior to removing it from the original packaging. If there are any quality concerns, please return the hair in its’ original condition so we can properly refund or exchange the product. Once hair is removed from the original packaging, the hair cannot be replaced for any reason.


-Extensions are not your natural hair, special care and attention needs to be taken when caring for your hair extensions. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your hair extensions maintain quality.

Visit for the most up to date product recommendations for washing, drying, styling, and general maintenance.


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